Regional Population Distribution of China, Just a Graph.

It’s very hard to get Chinese population at county level. So I just get this data for year 2004.

The shp data:, theme.R can be found in this article: Create Complete China Maps Using GGPLOT2 and SF, Population data set: 全国分县市人口统计资料2004.xlsx

A New Shiny Application: Show My Other Packages Which Have Conflicts with `bs4Dash`

When I develop the ‘package’ application, I found that the ‘bs4Dash’ package has some conflicts with sankeywheel and hpackedbubble, which results in a problem that these two packages cann’t be used in bs4Dash framework. So I write another shiny application named ‘otherpackages’ to show these packages’ demo.

SHIBOR versus The Repo Rate: the Choice of Benchmark Interest Rates in China's Monetary Market

This article has been published on Zenodo - Research. Shared., if you want to cite it, you can cite it as:

Cheng, Zhenxing. (2018, June 27). SHIBOR versus Repo Rate: the Choice of Benchmark Interest Rates in China’s Monetary Market. Zenodo.

Exploring the Wechat Friends Data Again!

About one week ago, I added a new functions to hchinamap package, that is chinamappoint() and provincepoint(). these two functions can map points on chinese map and it province map. The tweets indtroduce a method to display the geographical distribution of your wechat friends on chinese map, and also some other methods to plot wechat friends’s geographical distribution.

Find Semi-max Density Values in Normal Distribution

Today afternoon, a friend asked me a question, I can’t describe this question in English accurately, but I will try my best. Now, she has 30 sequences, each has 10 thousand numeric elements, they seemingly follow a normal distribution. For a normal distribution, the max density value correspond to mean. she want to know at which value, the density value equals half of the max density value.

Geographical Distribution of Students' Hometown in Ji'nan University

This tweet demonstrates a simple application of ‘hchinamap’ package. The data was collect from Ji’nan University’s library websit and sport website. Considering that this is a data set with private information, I can’t make this data public. If you want a copy, you can add my wechat to ask for it.

Welcome to My Shiny Server!

Inspired by daattali/shiny-server, I decided to build my own shiny server. Finally, I made it! Now you can access it by Since I haven’t get this server recorded (In China, all websites should be recorded at MIIT, a.k.a, Ministry of industry and information technology of China). After I get it recorded, you can access it by domain name, as is, but this domain name now is point to my blog deployed at GitHub.

Stata:Finance Topics

This articles is my notes for learning two three articles which introduce some technical analysis methods in Stata.

Create Complete China Maps Using GGPLOT2 and SF

I always feel disappointment about how to plot a beautiful China map. Yesterday, I finally drew a beautiful China map, at least in my opinion.

Create a Shiny Application to Collect Subscribers

Recently, my interest in shiny is very strong. These two days, I try to build a shiny application to collect subscribers. Actually, it a very simple applications, but I spends a lot of time on UI design and submit action. Unfortunately, I failed to add submit action. According to my original imagine, after you input name and email address, click , then this application should return you a message to alert your submit action is successful.

Using RMySQL Package to Connect MySQL on Ubuntu Server

Last week, I bought a Ubuntu Serve to deply my blog and some shiny applications. This blog demonstrades how to connect MySQL database with R by ‘RMySQL’ package.

Update for My 'monitoring' Project!

Since My R packages are simple and useless, they are getting less and less downloaded… Until today, only 88 downloads of these three packages were made last week, so the downloads curve on my ‘monitoring’ application looks abrupt.

Stata Talk @ Shandong University as TA

Actually, it’s a bit boring. This is the third time I’ve talked about Stata as TA… The only difference is that this time it is for graduate students, with only 10 listeners. Following pictures are the screenshots of my slide.

Build A Web Application Based on Shiny

Now that I have three R packages published on CRAN, I want to make a small tool to monitor the downloads of these three R packages. The best way for me is to build a shiny-based web application. This tweet tells how to build this shiny application.

hpackedbubble: Create Split Packed Bubble Charts

This is my second R package submitted to CRAN, By binding R functions and ‘Highcharts’ library, ‘hpackedbubble’ provides a simple way to draw split packed bubble charts. I have already show the examples of this package at my last tweet. Just like these:

It Seems that Jwen Bought Macau Dollars at Wrong Time ...

I bought foreign exchange for my clients several time during my intership in ICBC. Recently, Jwen brought a lot of Macau dollars in order to pay tuition fees. So I want to the foreign exchange price of Macau dollars of the bank of China and see if I can save some money for Jwen.


在一年前的寒假我刚刚学习用 Stata 绘图的时候就做过这么一件事情:画图片,当时的结果不是很成功,画出来的照片看起来很“水墨风格”???详细绘图方法可以参考:我觉得我的女神很漂亮,想把她的照片当成图表背景,该怎么做?

使用 reactR 编写基于 React 的 htmlwidgets

Authoring htmlwidgets powered by React with reactRreactR 提供的介绍文档,该文使用 sparklines 作为示例讲解了如何使用 reactR 编写自己的 html 控件。

sunburstR:R htmlwidget for interactive sunburst plots

这是个蛮有意思的 R 包,可以非常方便的绘制 sunburst 图,为什么说它方便呢,下面你就会知道了。

Build Your Own React-based htmlwidget!!!

reactR 是一种新的建造 html 控件的工作流程。本文基于对 Build Your Own React-based htmlwidget 的学习,自己构建了一个绘制华夫图的 html 控件。

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