My Favorites 19

My Favorites 19

The Journal of Open Source Software, tvthemes, R Shiny HTML template, ggchicklet, make resume on line…

Top 10

  1. The Journal of Open Source Software is a developer friendly, open access journal for research software packages.

My goal is to publish my first article in this journal this year!!!

  1. 🔥{tvthemes 1.0.0} is on CRAN: Code improvements, Kim Possible, Stannis Baratheon, Hilda palettes/themes, and more!

  2. 🔥Introducing {tvthemes}: ggplot2 palettes and themes from your favorite TV shows!

  3. 🔥Lesser known dplyr functions

  4. 🔥rshiny_html_template: An R Shiny HTML Template based on United Bootstrap theme for Shiny Beginners to get started soon

  5. 🔥📦Create Chicklet (Rounded Segmented Column) Charts • ggchicklet

  6. Environmental Performance Index - Simple Scatter Plot

  1. stata-gtools: Faster implementation of Stata’s collapse, reshape, xtile, egen, isid, and more using C plugins

  2. 🔥Resumake

  3. 🔥Draw Gene Arrow Maps in ‘ggplot2’ • gggenes

R Language

My R Package, hpackedbubble, had been included in this article!!!




Interesting things

[click on the cartogram to enlarge it. And here you can download the population cartogram in high resolution (6985×2650).]



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