Welcome to My Shiny Server!

Welcome to My Shiny Server!

Inspired by daattali/shiny-server, I decided to build my own shiny server. Finally, I made it! Now you can access it by https://czxa.top/shiny/. Since I haven’t get this server recorded (In China, all websites should be recorded at MIIT, a.k.a, Ministry of industry and information technology of China). After I get it recorded, you can access it by domain name, as is https://czxa.top, but this domain name now is point to my blog deployed at GitHub.

So far, I have already deployed five shiny applications on it:

The home page is like this:

packages: Shiny Demos for My R Packages!

This shiny application provides some demos for my R packages:

In the future, I will write some apps to make it easier to use these R packages.

CRAN & GitHub Monitor: A shiny app for monitoring downloads of my R packages and stars on GitHub

I had introduced it in perviously tweets:

GitHub Contributions Chart Generator: Generate your GitHub contributions chart!

2018 · Footprint: Health Data Analysis Report

This application provides Health Data Analysis Report for my friends and relatives, If you want take part in, you can prepare your health data and I will add your data into 2019 · Footprint.

Painter’s Alert: Welcome to subscribe my blog’s updates!

It’s a very simple application, which is connected to a MySQL database to store data.


In the future, I will write more interesting shiny applications and deploy them on my shiny server! Comminy soon…

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