Using RMySQL Package to Connect MySQL on Ubuntu Server

Last week, I bought a Ubuntu Serve to deply my blog and some shiny applications. This blog demonstrades how to connect MySQL database with R by ‘RMySQL’ package.

Update for My 'monitoring' Project!

Since My R packages are simple and useless, they are getting less and less downloaded… Until today, only 88 downloads of these three packages were made last week, so the downloads curve on my ‘monitoring’ application looks abrupt.

Build A Web Application Based on Shiny

Now that I have three R packages published on CRAN, I want to make a small tool to monitor the downloads of these three R packages. The best way for me is to build a shiny-based web application. This tweet tells how to build this shiny application.

hpackedbubble: Create Split Packed Bubble Charts

This is my second R package submitted to CRAN, By binding R functions and ‘Highcharts’ library, ‘hpackedbubble’ provides a simple way to draw split packed bubble charts. I have already show the examples of this package at my last tweet. Just like these:

It Seems that Jwen Bought Macau Dollars at Wrong Time ...

I bought foreign exchange for my clients several time during my intership in ICBC. Recently, Jwen brought a lot of Macau dollars in order to pay tuition fees. So I want to the foreign exchange price of Macau dollars of the bank of China and see if I can save some money for Jwen.

How to Submit Your R package to CRAN!

After two days of tireless submission, I finally received the passed reply at noon today!


这是为宋豪漳老师的金融工程和金融数学两门课程开发的R包,主要是关于期权定价、交易策略的一些函数和可视化的东西。(与其说这是我写的第一个 R 包,不如说这是我整理的第一个 R 包,这个 R 包里面的大部分函数都是参考其它的R包写的。)


sweep 包是帮助预测的 tidy 工具包。本文是学习:Introduction to sweepForecasting Time Series Groups in the tidyverseForecasting Using Multiple Models 三篇小品文的笔记。

The drake R package

drake 是一个 R 数据分析工作流程的工具包。旨在提高数据分析的效率和用于高性能计算。本文是其 README 的学习笔记,是个使用 drake 进行数据分析的小例子。关于这个包,未来计划学习:The drake R Package User Manual

R for Data Science(终)

这是学习 R for Data Science 的最后一篇笔记了。可以确定这是本很好的书。


这是坐火车的时候在写的一个简单的 R 包,可以用来绘制单词树。使用的是 Google 图表库的 js 文件。

A time series platform for the tidyverse

本文是学习 time_series_platform_for_tidyverse.pdf 的笔记。介绍了 tibbletime 包的使用示例。

Create Desktop Notifications From R

In a recent tweet: Create Desktop Notifications from R to improve your Data Science Productivity. I read about notifier package, it can create destop notifications from R.

Performance Analysis with tidyquant

tidyquant 的最后一个小品文了!感觉 tidyquant 对于中国用户并不友好,我在考虑是否可以通过对 cran/Tushare进行修改使其能够纳入 tidyquant 分析框架中。

Charting with tidyquant

本文是 Charting with tidyquant 的学习笔记。介绍了 tidyquant 包中的绘图方法。

Scaling and Modeling with tidyquant

本文是 Scaling and Modeling with tidyquant 的学习笔记。介绍了 tidyquant 的工作流程。

使用 AmCharts + R 绘制中国地图

下午闲着无事写的一个绘制中国地图的 R 包。mapbrew。是个基于 htmlwidgets 的包。amCharts 是一个 JavaScript 图表库。我是基于 amCharts3 编写的这个 R 包。动态图表浏览可以参考该包的文档网站:使用 amCharts + R 绘制中国地图



的笔记,讲述了如何使用 ggplot2 及其拓展绘制桑基图。

针对 R 用户的 docker 简介

其实,我一直不知道 docker 具体怎么用…… 本文是学习 An Introduction to Docker for R Users 的笔记。

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