Welcome to My Shiny Server!

Inspired by daattali/shiny-server, I decided to build my own shiny server. Finally, I made it! Now you can access it by https://czxa.top/shiny/. Since I haven’t get this server recorded (In China, all websites should be recorded at MIIT, a.k.a, Ministry of industry and information technology of China). After I get it recorded, you can access it by domain name, as is https://czxa.top, but this domain name now is point to my blog deployed at GitHub.

Create a Shiny Application to Collect Subscribers

Recently, my interest in shiny is very strong. These two days, I try to build a shiny application to collect subscribers. Actually, it a very simple applications, but I spends a lot of time on UI design and submit action. Unfortunately, I failed to add submit action. According to my original imagine, after you input name and email address, click , then this application should return you a message to alert your submit action is successful.

Update for My 'monitoring' Project!

Since My R packages are simple and useless, they are getting less and less downloaded… Until today, only 88 downloads of these three packages were made last week, so the downloads curve on my ‘monitoring’ application looks abrupt.

GCC:GitHub Contributions Chart Generator

寒假的时候花了一整天终于写出来了这个网络应用:github-contributions-chart,GitHub 地址为:github-contributions-chart。这个 Shiny APP 的功能是绘制 GitHub 用户的贡献数据的日历图、年度直方图和日度线图。最近把它整理成了一个 R 包使用。

economicdata:基于 R-Shiny 的中国经济数据库

第三个 Shiny 应用啦,越来越感觉 Shiny 非常有意思了。这次使用的包不再是 shinybulma 了,而是 bs4Dash,非常炫酷的一个 shiny 框架。这个 APP 也是边学习这个包边写的。bs4Dash 的文档网址为:bs4Dash

这次写这个 APP 的想法是把网上一些公开的数据集收集起来,这样就可以在需要的时候直接下载了。截止到这篇博客发布的时候,现在上面只有两个数据,GDP 和 CPI,数据来源都是证券之星。未来闲着没事就往上增加数据。

stepcount:分析我的朋友和家人健康数据的 Shiny APP

我写的第二个 shiny APP!用于分析苹果手机健康数据的一个网页应用。2018·Footprint。如果你也想把你的数据加进来,可以联系我哈!

用 R 构建 Shiny 应用程序(一)

本文是中文教程:用 R 构建 Shiny 应用程序的学习笔记。不过我跳过了那些暂时难以理解的内容。最后感觉最好的学习方法可能还是不停地抄代码,计划先把这个仓库里面的示例抄一遍:rstudio/shiny-examples,本文中的 示例是 shiny 包中的 11 个示例,正好也是这个仓库里面的前十个示例。



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